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Disclaimers, Limitations, Restrictions, and Waivers:

  • The paintings listed start with the year 1965 because that was when Vassiliev painted "A House on the Island Anzer," which he described as being "the first painting that I decided to sign as my own." [Oleg Vassiliev, How I Became an Artist (Instead of Autobiography) Part I]. Paintings made by Vassiliev prior to 1965 are not included.
  • The list does not include very small paintings, where the height plus the width is less than 40 inches; i.e., smaller than 20x20 inches, 25x15 inches, etc.
  • The paintings listed were either referenced in the artist's private archives (as kept by the artist's wife, Kira Vassiliev) or were added with the concurrence of the artist's son (Alexei Vassilev).
  • It is likely that the list is not accurate in all instances as to paintings, titles, dates, sizes, images, etc. Further, the list may not be complete, such that there may be paintings made by Vassiliev that are not included on the list. The fact that a painting is listed does not mean that it is authentic; the fact that a painting is not listed does not mean that it is not authentic.
  • The list is to be used for research and similar general purposes only. It should not be used to authenticate or value paintings or in other ways that have the potential to impact the marketability of any painting. Further, the images included as part of the list are not to be used for reproduction purposes.
  • The viewer expressly agrees to waive any possible claim he or she may have, now or in the future, against any person or entity as to the accuracy or completeness of the list, the authenticity of any of the paintings listed (or not listed), etc.
  • The viewer expressly agrees not to transfer any information obtained from the list, including images, to any other person. Should someone other than the viewer wish to view the information, that person must separately log into this website and agree to these disclaimers, limitations, restrictions and waivers.
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